Your Life, less Cluttered

Hi, I am Ellie, and I am The Clarity Coach. Coaching is without a doubt THE best training and development I have ever experienced – and I am here to share this knowledge with YOU!

Based in Lincolnshire and the surrounding areas, I offer both 1-1 and business coaching to help you make sense of the struggles of daily life.

For Businesses

Coaching is the most bespoke training your employees will ever receive. It is all about them and how they can better support themselves and your business.

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1-1 Coaching

No one knows you better than you know you - You have the power to live the life you desire. Coaching will enable you to create goals and have clarity over the path you wish to take.

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Coaching With Ellie is Worth Its Weight In Gold!

Having coaching with Ellie is worth its weigh in gold! Ellie has helped me to view situations differently and has given me the tools to deal with things life throws at me. Before I started having sessions, let’s just say I was in a very dark place. After having all different kinds of counselling/therapy over the years, Ellie was my saviour! Ellie’s strategies challenged my own thoughts and feeling towards certain situations. She helped me to unpick why I felt a certain way and gave me the tools to deal with it. It really does work and I can’t believe how different I am from over a year ago when I started. I’m a different person. The person I want to be! Ellie has helped me reflect on the way I feel about myself and how areas of my life can change. She has helped me to get control of my life and my own thoughts, (which I never thought would be possible). Ellie’s techniques and tools have enabled me to set my boundaries and do what is comfortable and right for me. More importantly, Ellie has given me life skills and tools I use everyday.