The frequency between sessions is entirely up to you however I wouldn’t recommend more frequently than fortnightly. For coaching to be effective there needs to be thinking, reflecting and implementation time between each session. Some people start off fortnightly and move to monthly and others have sessions monthly, but it is entirely up to you.


Sessions are £50 an hour or 6 sessions for £270 (£45 an hour) or 10 sessions for £420 (£42 an hour). Packages need to be paid prior to coaching sessions commencing.

You can pay cash at the beginning of a session or via bank transfer.


Coaching is focused on the present and future whereas counselling focuses on the past. If you are feeling stuck in a job, a relationship, have a problem, feeling stressed or overwhelmed it is probably coaching that you require rather than counselling. However, if during your coaching sessions it is clear that it is something from your past that is holding you back from taking action in your future then I will refer you to a counsellor.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t talk about the past in sessions, in fact, your past experiences and behaviours are great for awareness. Often reflecting on the past helps to shape your present and future behaviour.



Coaching isn’t for you if you want someone to tell you what to do- coaching is centred around you knowing you best and you have the capacity to make the best decision for yourself. I am not the best to make those decisions because I do not live your life or have your past experiences or your future hopes and desires.

It isn’t for you if you expect changes to occur instantly - coaching is a process and it takes time to embed new behaviours and new ways of thinking. You wouldn’t expect to gain a six-pack in a week or lose 3 stone in two weeks and changing your thought processes are exactly the same.

It also isn’t for you if you are not prepared to be challenged - coaching is about asking thought-provoking questions to stimulate alternative ways of thinking about situations. This can be quite challenging and may make you feel uncomfortable as it is making you question your own beliefs. This is a positive uncomfortableness though because it will help you to break through the stuckness/overwhelm.

It is not for you if you are not prepared to be open and honest- coaching requires you to open up about your life and what you really think. Coaching is 100% confidential so you are safe in the knowledge that whatever you say doesn’t leave the session. Also, there is no judgement from me so you can say whatever you like in sessions. I often say to clients “if you feel like you need to say ‘this is going to sound awful but..’ before you say something please do”. I would rather people say the first part first than not say the second part at all.


That is the most wonderful thing about coaching - you will get whatever it is you need. If you come to sessions being stuck in a job, relationship, body or your feeling stressed/overwhelmed you will find the path to become unstuck in these areas - If you give yourself the time you will find the answers that are right for you.



You will get a nonjudgmental, confidential space where I will patiently listen to you without assumptions, a desire to problem-solve for you or psychoanalyse you (I used to work with a lady who used to say “you’re analysing everything I’m saying aren’t you? You’re reading my mind!” Haha, of course, I wasn’t). I will allow you the time and space to make your own decision by asking thought-provoking questions, reflecting back on your language and challenging your thoughts and beliefs when needed.


Firstly, it’s great that you talk to your friends and family but generally, they will agree with your ideas and thoughts because they don’t wish to upset/burst your bubble and they will often try and problem-solve for you. A coach is there to support you but they will also ask the questions that you friends and family or you wouldn’t ask yourself. This is the point where new thinking happens and new possibilities occur.