Coaching changed my perspective of the world and subsequently changed the way I interact with the people around me…

It changed my life, how can I change Yours?

Coaching is THE best training and development I have ever experienced – it has been life-changing. It totally changed my perspective of the world and subsequently changed the way I interact with the people around me. I am more confident, more connected to the people who matter, it has changed the way I raise my children, I’m empowered to get what I want out of life and I am overall a happier person. This passion for coaching spurred me on to gain a coaching qualification accredited by The Association of Coaching to help others to change their lives.

Coaching is a confidential, non-judgemental one hour 1-1 person-centred session. It is designed to allow the participant to reflect on their beliefs, thought processes and actions. This enables them to gain a secure self-awareness, remove limiting thinking and provide a sense of clarity.

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Coaching is…

An inquisitive look into your current position in life, where you want to be and then puts actions in place to enable you to live the life you want to live and be the person you want to be.

Coaching isn’t…

Counselling/therapy – These unpick your past and work through things that are painful/uncomfortable for you, to enable you to move forward with your life. Coaching focuses on the present and the future, however, it is sometimes necessary to talk about the past in coaching sessions.

Mentoring – is provided by someone who imparts knowledge, experience and wisdom in their area of expertise to enable you to move forward.

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Ellie Phillips & her family

Hey, I am Ellie!..and I am your Life Coach…

“Married to Danny and mum to two daughters Flora & Clementine. With 15 years experience as a Primary school teacher and 6 years as I life coach, I am here to help you…”

My Background

I was lucky enough to have coaching in a school I worked at and to say it completely changed my life is an understatement – it totally revolutionised the way I thought and in turn acted.

When I returned to my teaching position after maternity leave after having my first daughter, I couldn’t believe the difference in my colleagues (their coaching had started whilst I was on maternity leave) they were more confident, keen to take on challenges and not fazed by change – in fact, the whole culture of the school had changed, for the better!

After realising the impact that coaching had on me I knew that I wanted to help others to change their lives too so that is when I trained to be a coach.”